Hi. I’m Dave Graves the author of this site.

My  biggest claim to fame is that I’ve been involved in just about every kind of media there is. I started in radio in programming at stations like WBZ in Boston and KDKA in Pittsburgh (the official “first” radio station) and finally as VP/GM of KFWB All-News in Los Angeles. They were all part of a very special media company, Westinghouse Broadcasting (also known as Group W) where I got to work with a great group of people.

After radio, I spent time in TV with Group W Productions, one of the pioneers in first-run syndication going back to the Mike Douglas Show (before my time) and continuing through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I was buddies with Michelangelo). Group W is now part of CBS (or maybe it’s the other way around since Westinghouse bought CBS).

In the 90’s, after a brief stop at the powerhouse magazine company Hearst,  I was privileged to work at Reuters (now Thompson Reuters) and eventually became president of media there, working with an eclectic and bright staff that was spread all across the world. In that job, I got to work with newspaper, TV, magazine and online customers in many countries.

At the beginning of this century I moved to Yahoo! as their first SVP of Media and was part of a great team led by the brilliant Jeff Mallett who was president and COO. I oversaw their media properties like Yahoo! News and Sports and Finance. It was an exciting company in those days and is still a powerful media force.

After Yahoo! I started an online video technology company, PermissionTV, which had an innovative approach to presenting video but was in a crowded market that’s still evolving and is now a B-to-B company called Visible Gains.

So after all that, I’m back in traditional media – if there is such a thing – putting together a slate of first-run syndication programs for the television market. I’m also consulting for some worthwhile media ventures and who knows what’s next?

Stay tuned or linked.

Dave Graves